Refurbished tablets for professional use

We offer personalized advice to businesses aiming to effectively oversee their tablet inventories. Through our wide-ranging network of partners, we present a selection of enterprise-grade tablets crafted to align with your financial, environmental, and operational requirements.

Apple iPad Range

Let's improve your business's tablet fleet.

If you have opted for a mass rollout or a gradual renewal of your business tablets, we can support you with our :

  • Supply of new, surplus and refurbished tablets
  • Preparation of your equipment with staging and loading of your infrastructure, configuration, TEM
  • Multi-site packaging and shipping

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Cellular Professor supports your sustainable digital approach with a service offering that combines technology, social and environmental responsibility for a more sustainable management of your fleet:

More Sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint through reconditioned purchases, maintenance, take-back, recovery and recycling.

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