Refurbished Hotspots for professional use

With our B2B experience, we provide tailored guidance to companies on effectively managing their Hotspots fleets. Leveraging our extensive network of partners, we offer diversified sourcing options and a range of enterprise Hotspots that meet your economic, ecological, and operational needs.

Explore our assortment of refurbished Hotspots models, available for purchase or lease. 

Apple iPhone, Samsung , Motorola, G Pixel Phones

Simplify the management of your business's Hotspots fleet.

Whether it’s supply, enrollment, maintenance, reconditioning, or recycling, Cellular Professor offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your Hotspots. From sales of new and reconditioned equipment to maintenance and repair, as well as take-back and recycling of unused devices, and spare parts sales, we combine economy, ecology, and operational performance to streamline your Hotspots management process. Discover how our services can benefit your business today!

Professional assistance for your corporate Hotspots fleet

Whether you’ve rolled out Apple, Samsung, or Motorolla phones for your business, Cellular Professor offers specialized support to manage your devices through every stage of their lifecycle. Our expertise is tailored to address the economic, ecological, and operational needs of key accounts, ensuring efficient management of your Hotspots fleet.

Business Hotspots sales

Pre-owned phones, refurbished iPads, or excess new inventory to enhance or refresh your fleet at reduced expense, all while embracing eco-conscious practices.


Restore your business phones, servicing multiple brands and generations, to prolong their lifespan and maintain fleet uniformity for an extended duration


Additionally, we offer the valorization of your outdated business phone fleet, including Apple and Samsung devices, ensuring their safe and secure repurposing for a second life through meticulous data erasure in compliance with GDPR regulations.


Customized for your business sector and operational requirements.

Deploying your Hotspots fleet

If you have opted for a mass rollout or a gradual renewal of your business phones, we can support you with our :

  • Supply of new, surplus and refurbished phones
  • Preparation of your equipment with staging and loading of your infrastructure, configuration, TEM, SIM coupling
  • Multi-site packaging and shipping


Cellular Professor supports your sustainable digital approach with a service offering that combines technology, social and environmental responsibility for a more sustainable management of your fleet:

More Sustainable

Reduce your carbon footprint through reconditioned purchases, maintenance, take-back, recovery and recycling.

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